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25th-Dec-2012 03:00 pm - Happy Holidays!
halfway between life and the stars
It's been a while since I last posted. Merry Christmas! I hope you're enjoying it today.

I've been busy with my full time job as well as with my Persona fan site. I also have a tumblr as well.
Here's Aigis!
Wow! It's been 5 months since I updated this LJ since I posted on my birthday. I have lots to post here just to catch up and to let you guys know what I've been doing.

I finally found another employment and while I'm not really satisfied, it pays the bills. I'm still looking for work elsewhere in the meantime. Fandom-wise, I watched the first seven episodes of Saint Seiya Omega and I stopped completely. It pains me to do this because I'm a Saint Seiya fan for life. The problem with SSO is that it fails to stand out as unique as the 1986 original anime did. SSO feels as if I've already seen it before so I find it pointless to continue watching. Besides the things that show up in SSO frequently show up in many modern anime and manga and even in video games. I've learned that the original Bronze Saints have shown up in some episodes but they fail to get my attention. I mean they just show up, spout stuff and that's it. And some of the Gold Saints aren't that worthy (aside from Sagittarius Seiya and Aries Kiki -yep that's official-) so I paid even less attention. IF SSO was Persona-like, then I would've been very interested in watching it. Too bad this boring anime is stated for 52 episodes so it's still halfway through. Go figure! >.>

Speaking of Persona, I'm heavily invested in this fandom. In fact, I created a fansite dedicated to it called Studio Necronomicon to give the illusion of a doujin circle as Studio Necromancer even though I'm the only one who runs it :P The website is dedicated to the second Persona game but also deals with the third and fourth games as well (with over 100 pages and counting). It's mostly fan work but it also has gameplay tips on how to play Persona 2. I also created a tumblr blog that accompanies it. A little warning though: it's NSWF most of the time.

Heh that's what I've been doing up til now. I'm still waiting for Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSP to come to the US. Meanwhile two new Persona 4 games are out there: Arena and Golden. And I don't have a PS3 or a PS Vita to play them. Oh man....
21st-May-2012 05:30 pm - Presenting: My Birthday
Maya and Katsuya - P2
It's been a while since I posted, huh? Well no matter because today is my birthday!

Now on to business. I know I was supposed to post the Saint Seiya Omega episodes on my Twitter site but here's the problem: I instantly lost interest after the 1st episode. This is unusual for a SS fan like me with over 10 years in the fandom. My guess being it feels WAY too similar to the original series. I expected SSO to stand out Madoka Magica style but it ended up boring. The first episode is too similar to the classic series' first episode sans someone's ears getting chopped off. I read the characters are participating in a tournament as of the recent episode but I would bet it's another Galaxy Tournament clone. Unless I see something worth watching, I'm gonna hold of Omega for a while. Classic series is always the best ever.

On the other hand, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSP is out in Japan since May 17. Me typing this cannot describe how psyched I am on this game's release. The PSP version has lots of improvements over the PS1 version including super fast loading times, stylized PS1 battle menu, and awesome remix music. But that's not enough. Included in the PSP a mini-series of shorts nickname "The Tatsuya Scenario" which tells the stories of Tatsuya Suou during the main story. I'm looking at the screenshots over at 4chan so massive spoilers ahoy! I wish Atlus USA localizes this thing pronto so I can start playing it ASAP.
8th-Apr-2012 09:42 pm - Trying to avoid SSO spoilers......
Happy Easter, everybody!

Crunchyroll started streaming Saint Seiya Omega, but as of this post, it's still available to premium members so it will be available for free next week. I'll post the episodes live on Twitter @StParadise as soon the episodes are out.

I haven't watched the 2nd episode yet and I try my darn best not to be spoiled by the spoilers.
Pearl - What is p0rn?
Chapter 41 of the Lost Canvas gaiden is out so let's get going. This chapter is about another old rival of El Cid called Ferusa who apparently uses dead body parts to create his puppet who cuts off the Saint's cosmo. What?

Ferusa haven't seen El Cid for 5 years. The Gold Saint is confused. Ferusa doesn't like to fight so why is he here? Ferusa has now become the supreme winner of Catalanya! The Saint can sense a black Cosmo from him and Ferusa's body can eat the audience's heat and excitement. The first fight for El Cid is against a man who says he is the greatest scientist! He controls a puppet called, Palmer!! The Capricorn Saint cuts the puppet easily but as it turns out Palmer releases a cord that connects straight to El Cid's nervous system. The scientist says he knows from ancient documents that the Saints fight using the Cosmo. By sealing El Cid's ability to use the Cosmo, the Saint can't fight. The scientist goes and cuts El Cid but even without Cosmo , El Cid moves fast and finds the controller of the puppet. He defeats the scientist with his hand blade telling him his fist are not just trained for using the Cosmo!!

skinny Camus
Today's April Fools. But this one's special because Saint Seiya Omega is now real.

The 1st episode is out and some who saw it first said it was good. But how good is it according to me? Well here are my first impressions. But remember spoilers abound okay because I watched the RAW online (view at your own risk).

Read more...Collapse )

Of course this is just the 1st episode. One couldn't expect major deconstruction of the shonen (or magical girl) fare - at least not like Madoka Magica yet. But the series is aimed to have 52 episodes overall so things might change now and then.
30th-Mar-2012 10:37 pm - Saint Seiya Omega quickies
Here's Aigis!
Boy there's a lot Saint Seiya Omega news going on especially with the world premiere event. Here's a list of summary as it goes:

- There will be a video game
- Crunchyroll will stream SSO

At least no waiting for fansubs or RAWs to watch them. As with Lost Canvas and Persona 4 anime, I'll post the episodes from Crunchyroll live via my Twitter site @StParadise which btw you should follow it for the latest in SS news before I post them here.
Persona 3 MC with evoker
It's been a while since I posted SS Scene of the Week. Today is Aries Mu's birthday so here's a video showing him his best skills against Myu the Butterfly. Seiya shouldn't have never showed up because in the manga, Mu fights Myu solo.

Anime OVA 7 "Group of Specters"
Shun finally using his wits
Congrats on the 40th chapter of the Lost Canvas gaiden series! :D

This chapter continues where it was left off with a mysterious woman in Japanese garb who apparently knew El Cid via training. Supposedly she died but she's suddenly alive. What's going on?! If her appearance isn't enough, more fighters -somehow connected to El Cid- enter the tournament! Here's the full summary according to SS Fan:

Mine pulls out her Wicked Sword, Zanouki, and show it's power! For her, it is her Sacred Sword!! She looks forward to fighting El Cid in the future. Lacaille chases after the Saint to ask him what the hell is going on. El Cid reveals she was his friend and rival. El Cid as a Saint wanted to train himself to the level of a Sacred Sword. Mine as a polisher of Swords also wants to reach the level of a Sacred sword by putting her soul in the blade. But, she was sick and she died before she was able to do it. The last thing she hoped before she died was that El Cid could reach that level. She should be dead but why is she alive? Finally the tournament is held. 3 Fighters step in the collosseum, including El Cid. And the 4th fighter is the hero of Catalanya which El Cid also knows, Black Shudder, Ferusa!!

Yukari shocked - Persona 3
Color me surprised! The 4th official trailer for SS Omega is up!

This is a follow up to the previous post. This one's the summary for Capricorn El Cid story 3 (chapter 39) according to SS Fan. I wonder who is that woman. And why El Cid seems to know her? The expectations are rising...

The preliminaries are held. The one who wins the event can become the suitor of the beauty of Catalanya. She watches the event wearing a mask. The fighters in the Collosseum don't like El Cid for not using a weapon and they decide to gang up on him but the Saint takes care of them easily. Finally a more famous fighter appears, Demon Whirlwind Jerico but the Gold Saint also wins with little effort! Right then, the beauty steps down and heads towards El Cid. She takes off her mask and El Cid calls her name, "...Mine...!?". Lacaille notices with El Cid seeing Mine, his hand-blade that never got loose in the fight suddenly looses all its form!

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